Mercer Music at Capricorn

Mercer, NewTown Macon, Sierra Development and Southern Pine Plantations announced in December 2015 a partnership to bring back to life the historic Capricorn Studio as part of the largest market-rate residential development in the history of downtown Macon.

Through Mercer Music at Capricorn, Mercer will put a historically important facility back to work, not as just a museum, but as a tool to advance a vibrant music scene. We will leverage Macon’s rich, nationally important music heritage to shape Macon’s music future. Mercer Music at Capricorn will have a music incubator for aspiring young musicians, restored and expanded recording studios, offices for arts-related non-profits such as Macon Film Festival, Bragg Jam and Macon Pops, space for small concerts, special events and educational programs through Mercer’s Townsend School of Music and a two-story interpretive area that tells the story of Capricorn and Macon’s music heritage through historic artifacts, static exhibits and interactive digital kiosks featuring music, video and text. The digital component includes a robust website to enable people who cannot travel to Macon to experience the story of Macon’s music heritage and the impact it had on American culture. It will also curate a community-sourced musical archive that will collect stories from the public by allowing users to upload their own photos, videos and stories.

This project creates a bridge for local businesses and the arts while also providing students and members of the community a quality music rehearsal venue. This project has economic development implications for the city of Macon and its residents, as well as business opportunities for the bands and musicians that utilize the facility. Cultural tourism is growing in Macon, and Mercer Music at Capricorn will help accelerate that growth.

Spotify Playlist

Capricorn’s Greatest Hits

Though it began as a small, independent label, Capricorn Records grew to influence the tastes of a nation throughout the 1970s as it brought southern soul and rock ‘n’ roll to the masses. Sample some of the label’s greatest tracks through this Spotify playlist.